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1 geol a large permanent stream of water, originating at a source and flowing along a fixed course, usually into a lake or the sea at its mouth.
2 an abundant or plentiful stream or flow of something a river of wine rivers of tears .
as adjective rivermouth riverboat .
[13c: from French riviere , from Latin riparius , from ripa riverbank]
rivered adjective watered by rivers.
riverless adjective .
river-like adjective .

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river blindness see under onchocerciasis

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river dolphin
noun any of various species of a small toothed whale with a long narrow beak, found in rivers and brackish water in S Asia and S America.

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1 living or situated on or near a river; riparian.
2 belonging or relating to a river.

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1 the bank of a river.
2 the area of ground adjacent to or along a river.
adjective situated beside a river a riverside restaurant .

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