Lengua inglesa
1 the chance or possibility of suffering loss, injury, damage, etc; danger.
2 someone or something likely to cause loss, injury, damage, etc.
3 insurance
a the chance of some loss, damage, etc for which insurance could be claimed;
b the type, usually specified, of such loss, damage, etc fire risk ;
c someone or something thought of as likely (a bad risk) or unlikely (a good risk) to suffer loss, injury, damage, etc.
verb (risked , risking )
1 to expose someone or something to loss, injury, danger, etc.
2 to act or do something in spite of the chances of loss, danger or some unfortunate consequences occurring.
[17c: from French risque ]
at one's own risk accepting personal responsibility for any loss, injury, etc which might occur.
at risk
1 in danger; in a situation or circumstances which might lead to loss, injury, etc.
2 said especially of a child: considered, eg by a social worker, etc, liable to be abused, neglected, etc.
at the risk of something with the possibility of loss, injury, losing face or some other unfortunate consequence at the risk of sounding pompous .
risk one's neck to do something that puts one's life, job, etc in danger.
run the risk of something to risk it; to be in danger of it run the risk of being late .
run or take a risk to act in a certain way despite the risk involved.

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