Lengua inglesa
1 an outcome or consequence of something.
2 colloq (often results) a positive or favourable outcome or consequence His action got results .
3 a number or quantity obtained by calculation, etc.
4 sport
a a final score, eg in a football match, etc the result was six nil to Aberdeen ;
b (results) a list of final scores eg published in a newspaper or broadcast on TV or radio listen to the results on the radio .
5 colloq a win in a game We got a result .
6 (results) a list of marks a student has obtained in an examination or series of examinations.
verb (resulted , resulting ) intr
1 (usu result from something) to be a consequence or outcome of some action, event, etc.
2 (usu result in something) to end in a specified way Carelessness results in mistakes .
[15c: from Latin resultare to leap back, from saltare to leap]

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adjective resulting.
noun , maths , physics a single force which is the equivalent of two or more forces acting on an object.

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