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1 admiration; good opinion be held in great respect .
2 the state of being honoured, admired or well thought of.
3 (respect for something or someone) consideration of or attention to them show no respect for his feelings .
4 (often respects) formal a polite greeting or expression of admiration, esteem and honour.
5 a particular detail, feature or characteristic In what respect are they different?
6 reference, relation or connection.
verb (respected , respecting )
1 to show or feel admiration or high regard for someone or something.
2 to show consideration for, or thoughtfulness or attention to, something respect her wishes .
3 to heed or pay proper attention to (a rule, law, etc) respect the speed limit .
interjection , slang expressing admiration.
[14c: from Latin respicere , respectum to look back at, pay attention to or consider]
respecter noun
1 someone who respects.
2 someone or something that treats individuals unduly favourably The disease is no respecter of age or social class .
in respect of or with respect to something with reference to, or in connection with (a particular matter, point, etc).
pay one's last respects to someone to show respect for someone who has died by attending their funeral.
pay one's respects to someone formal to present oneself to them, or visit them as a mark of respect or out of politeness.
with respect or with all due respect a polite expression indicating disagreement and used before presenting one's own opinion.

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1 worthy of or deserving respect.
2 having a reasonably good social standing; fairly well-to-do.
3 having a good reputation or character, especially as regards morals.
4 said of behaviour: correct; acceptable; conventional.
5 said of a person's appearance: presentable; decent.
6 fairly or relatively good or large a respectable turnout .
respectability noun .
respectably adverb .

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adjective having or showing respect.
respectfully adverb .
respectfulness noun .

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preposition about; concerning; with regard to.

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adjective belonging to or relating to each person or thing mentioned; particular; separate our respective homes .
respectively adverb .
respectiveness noun .

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