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verb (repulsed , repulsing )
1 to drive or force back (an enemy, attacking force, etc).
2 to reject (someone's offer of help, kindness, etc) with coldness and discourtesy; to rebuff.
3 to bring on a feeling of disgust, horror or loathing in someone.
1 the act of repulsing or state of being repulsed.
2 a cold discourteous rejection; a rebuff.
[16c: from Latin repellere , repulsum to drive back]
repulsion noun
1 an act or the process of forcing back or of being forced back.
2 a feeling of disgust, horror or loathing.
3 physics a force that tends to push two objects further apart, such as that between like electric charges or like magnetic poles.
repulsive adjective
1 tending to repulse or drive off.
2 cold or reserved.
3 provoking a feeling of disgust, horror or loathing.
4 physics relating to, causing or being a repulsion.
repulsively adverb .
repulsiveness noun .

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