Lengua inglesa
1 the lessening or removal of pain, worry, oppression or distress.
2 the feeling of calmness, relaxation, happiness, etc which follows the lessening or removal of pain, worry, etc.
3 anything which lessens pain, worry, boredom or monotony.
4 help, often in the form of money, food, clothing and medicine, given to people in need.
5 someone who takes over a job or task from another person, usually after a given period of time.
6 a bus, train, etc which supplements public transport at particularly busy times.
7 the freeing of a besieged or endangered town, fortress or military post.
8 art a method of sculpture in which figures project from a flat surface.
9 a clear, sharp outline caused by contrast.
10 the variations in height above sea level of an area of land.
[14c: French, from Latin relevare to reduce the load]

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