Lengua inglesa
1 the action of someone who reads.
2 the ability to read his reading is poor .
3 any book, printed material, etc that can be read.
4 an event at which a play, poetry, etc is read to an audience.
5 Brit politics any one of the three stages (the first reading, second reading or third reading) in the passage of a bill through Parliament, when it is respectively introduced, discussed, and reported on by a committee.
6 the actual word or words that can be read in a text, especially where more than one version is possible one of many disputed readings in the Bible .
7 information, figures, etc shown by an instrument or meter thermometer reading .
8 an understanding or interpretation of something written or said, or of circumstances, etc her reading of the situation .
9 knowledge gained from having read books.
1 concerned with or relating to reading reading age reading glasses .
2 fond of or addicted to reading the reading public .

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