Lengua inglesa
verb (reaches , reached , reaching )
1 to arrive at or get as far as (a place, position, etc).
2 tr & intr to be able to touch or get hold of something.
3 tr & intr to project or extend to a point.
4 intr (usu reach across, out, up, etc ) to stretch out one's arm to try to touch or get hold of something.
5 colloq to hand or pass something to someone reach me that CD .
6 to make contact or communicate with someone, especially by telephone I couldn't reach her .
1 the distance one can stretch one's arm, hand, etc out of reach .
2 a distance that can be travelled easily within reach of London .
3 an act of reaching out.
4 range of influence, power, understanding or abilities.
5 (usu reaches) a section within clear limits, eg part of a river or canal between two bends or locks.
6 (usu reaches) level or rank the upper reaches of government .
[Anglo-Saxon ræcan ]
reachable adjective .

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