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verb (professes , professed , professing )
1 to make an open declaration of (beliefs, etc).
2 to declare adherence to something.
3 to claim or pretend profess ignorance profess to be an expert .
[14c: from Latin profiteri , professus to declare]

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1 self-acknowledged; self-confessed.
2 claimed by oneself; pretended.
3 having taken the vows of a religious order.
professedly adverb .

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1 an occupation, especially one that requires specialist academic and practical training, eg medicine, law, teaching, engineering, etc.
2 the body of people engaged in a particular one of these.
3 an act of professing; a declaration a profession of loyalty .
4 a declaration of religious belief made upon entering a religious order.
[13c: from Latin professio , professionis a public declaration]
the oldest profession colloq prostitution.

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1 earning a living in the performance, practice or teaching of something that is usually a pastime a professional golfer .
2 belonging to a trained profession.
3 like, appropriate to or having the competence, expertise or conscientiousness of someone with professional training did a very professional job .
4 derog habitually taking part in, or displaying a tendency towards, something that is despised or frowned upon a professional misogynist .
1 someone who belongs to one of the skilled professions.
2 someone who makes their living in an activity, etc that is also carried on at an amateur level.
professionalism noun .
professionally adverb .

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professional foul
noun , football a deliberate foul committed in order to deny an opponent an advantage, especially a scoring opportunity.

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