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verbo transitivo
1 ( gen ) to take .
   tomó una carta he took a card .
   ese fragmento está tomado de Cervantes this passage is taken from Cervantes .
   lo tomó en broma she took it as a joke .
   tomamos un taxi we took a taxi .
   tomamos aquella calle we took that road .
2 ( baño, ducha ) to have, take .( foto ) to take .
3 ( comer, beber ) to have .( beber ) to drink .( comer ) to eat .
   tómate la leche drink your milk .
   ¿qué tomarás? what would you like? .
4 ( el autobús, el tren ) to catch .
5 ( aceptar ) to accept, take .
6 ( comprar ) to buy, get, have .
   tomaré manzanas I'll get some apples .
7 ( contratar ) to take on, hire .
   tomaremos una criada we'll take on a servant .
8 ( alquilar ) to take, rent .
9 ( adquirir ) to acquire, get into .
   tomar una costumbre to acquire a habit .
10 militar   to capture, take .
verbo intransitivo
1 ( encaminarse ) to go, turn .
   tomaron hacia la izquierda y se perdieron they turned left and got lost .
verbo pronominal
1 ( gen ) to take .
   me tomé una aspirina I took an aspirin .
2 ( beber ) to drink .( comer ) to eat .
lo toma o lo deja take it or leave it  
no te lo tomes así don't take it like that  
toma ( aquí tienes ) here you are, here  
¡toma! [ familiar ]   ( sorpresa ) fancy that!   ( enfado ) it serves you right!  
¡toma castaña! [ familiar ]   take that!  
toma y daca figurado   give and take  
tomar a ALGN de la mano to hold SB's hand  
tomar a pecho to take to heart  
tomar afecto / tomar cariño to become fond of  
tomar ALGO a mal to take STH badly  
tomar aliento to catch one's breath  
tomar decisiones to make decisions  
tomar el fresco to get some fresh air  
tomar el pelo a ALGN figurado   to pull SB's leg  
tomar el sol to sunbathe  
tomar en cuenta to take into account  
tomar en serio to take seriously  
tomar forma to take shape  
tomar frío to catch a cold  
tomar la costumbre to get into the habit  
tomar la palabra to speak  
tomar las aguas to take the waters  
tomar las de Villadiego figurado   to beat it  
tomar nota to take note  
tomar partido por to take sides with  
tomar por ( considerar ) to take for  
   me tomó por mi hermana he took me for my sister .
   me tomó por tonto she took me for a fool .
tomar tierra to land  
tomarla con alguien [ familiar ]   to have it in for SB  
tomarse la molestia de to take the trouble to  
tomarse las cosas con calma to take it easy  

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