Lengua inglesa
1 a feeling of pleasure and satisfaction at one's own or another's accomplishments, possessions, etc.
2 the source of this feeling That car is my pride and joy .
3 self-respect; personal dignity.
4 an unjustified assumption of superiority; arrogance.
5 poetic the finest state; the prime.
6 the finest item the pride of the collection .
7 a number of lions keeping together as a group.
verb (prided , priding ) (always pride oneself on something) to congratulate oneself on account of it prided himself on his youthful figure .
[Anglo-Saxon pryde ]
swallow one's pride see under swallow1.
take pride or take a pride in something or someone
1 to be proud of it or them.
2 to be conscientious about maintaining high standards in (one's work, etc).

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