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pretence or (US) pretense
1 the act of pretending.
2 make-believe.
3 an act someone puts on deliberately to mislead.
4 a claim, especially an unjustified one make no pretence to expert knowledge .
5 show, affectation or ostentation; pretentiousness.
6 (usu pretences) a misleading declaration of intention won their support under false pretences .
7 show or semblance abandoned all pretence of fair play .
[15c: from French pretensse , from Latin praetendere to pretend]

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verb (pretended , pretending )
1 tr & intr to make believe; to act as if, or give the impression that, something is the case when it is not Let's pretend we're dinosaurs pretend to be asleep .
2 tr & intr to imply or claim falsely pretended not to know .
3 to claim to feel something; to profess something falsely pretend friendship towards someone .
4 intr (pretend to something)
a to claim to have (a skill, etc), especially falsely;
b hist to lay claim, especially doubtful claim, to (eg the throne).
adjective , colloq especially used by or to children: imaginary a pretend cave .
[15c: from Latin praetendere to stretch forth]

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1 someone who pretends or pretended to something, especially the throne.
2 someone who makes a claim to something, especially a throne.

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1 foolish vanity, self-importance or affectation; pretentiousness.
2 a claim or aspiration had no pretensions to elegance .
[17c: see pretend]

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1 pompous, self-important or foolishly grandiose.
2 phoney or affected.
3 showy; ostentatious.
pretentiously adverb .
pretentiousness noun .

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