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adjective full, rounded or chubby.
verb (plumped , plumping ) (often plump something up) to shake (cushions or pillows) to give them their full soft bulk.
[16c in adjectival sense; 15c in obsolete sense -dull- or -blunt-: from Dutch plomp blunt]
plumply adverb .
plumpness noun .

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plump2 colloq
verb (plumped , plumping )
1 tr & intr (sometimes plump down or plump something down) to put down, drop, fall or sit heavily.
2 intr (plump for something or someone) to decide on or choose them; to make a decision in their favour.
noun a sudden heavy fall or the sound this makes.
1 suddenly; with a plump.
2 directly The fly landed plump in the middle of my soup .
3 in a blunt or direct way.
[14c: imitating the sound made]

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