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wall [wɔːl]
1 ( exterior ) muro .( defensive, city ) muralla .( garden ) tapia .( sea ) dique m.
2 ( interior ) pared f.( partition ) tabique m.( party ) pared f medianera .( main ) pared f maestra .
   shall we hang this picture on the wall? ¿colgamos este cuadro en la pared?  
3 anatomy   ( of artery, blood vessel ) pared f.( of abdomen ) pared f abdominal .
4 figurative use   ( barrier ) barrera, muro .
5 sport   barrera .
transitive verb
1 ( surround with wall ) amurallar .
walls have ears las paredes oyen  
to bang one's head against a brick wall darse contra las paredes  
to have one's back to the wall estar en un aprieto, estar en un brete  
to come up against a brick wall encontrarse con una barrera infranqueable  
to drive SB up the wall volver loco,-a a ALGN, hacer .que ALGN se suba por las paredes  
to go to the wall arruinarse, quebrar  
to go up the wall volverse loco,-a, subirse por las paredes  
wall lamp / wall light aplique m  
wall map mapa m mural  

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