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1 a large round container with a flat top and bottom and curving out in the middle, usually made of planks of wood held together with metal bands.
2 a barrelful.
3 a measure of capacity, especially of industrial oil.
4 the long hollow tube-shaped part of a gun or pen, etc.
[14c: from French baril ]
have someone over a barrel to be in a position to get whatever one wants from them; to have them in one's power
[19c: US expression probably alluding to the helpless position of someone laid over a barrel to clear their lungs after being rescued from drowning].
scrape the bottom of the barrel see under scrape.

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verb (barrelled , barrelling ; US barreled , barreling )
1 to put something in barrels.
2 intr , colloq (usu barrel along or past, etc ) to move at great speed huge lorries barrelling past us .

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