Lengua inglesa
1 relating to the body rather than the mind; bodily physical strength .
2 relating to objects that can be seen or felt; material the physical world .
3 relating to nature or to the laws of nature physical features a physical impossibility .
4 involving bodily contact.
5 relating to physics.
[16c: from Latin physicalis , from physica physic]
physically adverb .

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physical anthropology
noun the study of local biological adaptions in man and in man's evolutionary history.

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physical chemistry
noun the branch of chemistry concerned with the relationship between the chemical structure of compounds and their physical properties.

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physical education
noun (abbreviation PE) instruction in sport and gymnastics as part of a school or college curriculum.

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physical geography
noun the branch of geography concerned with the study of the earth's natural features, eg mountain ranges, ocean currents, etc.

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