Lengua inglesa
1 freedom from or absence of war.
2 a treaty or agreement ending a war.
3 freedom from or absence of noise, disturbance or disorder; quietness or calm.
4 euphem freedom from mental agitation; serenity peace of mind .
5 in compounds usually referring to an organization, person, etc: promoting or advocating peace peacemaker peace-camp peace activist peace talks .
[13c: from French pais , from Latin pax peace]
at peace
1 not at war; not fighting.
2 in harmony or friendship.
3 in a calm or serene state.
4 euphem freed from earthly worries; dead.
hold one's peace to remain silent.
in peace in a state of enjoying peace.
keep the peace
1 law to preserve law and order.
2 to prevent, or refrain from, fighting or quarrelling.
make peace to end a war or quarrel, etc.
make one's peace with someone to reconcile or be reconciled with them.

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