Lengua inglesa
1 referring to an earlier time; of long ago; bygone.
2 recently ended; just gone by the past year .
3 over; finished.
4 former; previous past presidents .
5 grammar said of the tense of a verb: indicating an action or condition which took place or began in the past.
1 up to and beyond went past me .
2 after in time or age past your bedtime .
3 beyond; farther away than the one past the library .
4 having advanced too far for something She's past playing with dolls .
5 beyond the reach of something past help What he did was past belief .
1 so as to pass by watched me go past .
2 ago two months past .
1 (usu the past)
a the time before the present;
b events, etc belonging to this time.
2 one's earlier life or career My past is quite uninteresting .
3 a disreputable episode or period earlier in one's life a woman with a past .
4 grammar
a the past tense;
b a verb in the past tense.
[14c: an obsolete past participle of pass]
not put it past someone colloq to believe them quite capable of doing a certain thing.
past it colloq having lost the vigour of one's youth or prime.

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