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verb (parsed , parsing ) tr & intr
1 grammar to analyse (a sentence) grammatically; to give the part of speech of and explain the grammatical role of (a word).
2 computational linguistics to analyse (a sentence, text, etc) into syntactic components and test its grammaticality against a given grammar.
3 comput to analyse (a string of input symbols) in terms of the computing language being used.
[16c: from Latin pars orationis part of speech]
parser noun , comput a program which parses sentences.

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noun , astron a unit of astronomical measurement equal to 3.26 light years or 3.09×10 13km, being the distance at which a star would have a parallax of 1 second of arc when viewed from two points which are the same distance apart as the Earth is from the Sun.
[Early 20c: from parallax + second2]

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Parsee or Parsi
noun (Parsees or Parsis ) one of the descendants of the ancient Zoroastrians, who fled from Persia in the 8c ad to escape Muslim persecution, and settled in the Bombay area of India.
[14c: Persian Parsee , meaning -Persian-]

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