Lengua inglesa
1 a wad of material used to cushion, protect, shape or clean.
2 a leg-guard for a cricketer, etc.
3 (also in compounds ) a quantity of sheets of paper fixed together into a block notepad .
4 a platform where helicopters may take off and land, or from which rockets may be launched.
5 the soft fleshy underside of an animal's paw.
6 a large water lily leaf.
7 slang the place where someone lives.
verb (padded , padding )
1 to cover, fill, stuff, cushion or shape something with layers of soft material.
2 (also pad something out) derog to include unnecessary or irrelevant material in (a piece of writing, speech, etc) for the sake of length.

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verb (padded , padding )
1 intr to walk softly or with a quiet or muffled tread.
2 tr & intr to tramp along (a road); to travel on foot.
[16c: Dutch, meaning -path-]

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