Lengua inglesa
a said of a door or barrier, etc: not closed or locked;
b said of a building or an enclosed space, etc: allowing people or things to go in or out; with its door or gate, etc not closed or locked.
2 said of a container, etc:
a not sealed or covered;
b with the insides visible an open cupboard .
3 said of a space or area of land, etc:
a not enclosed, confined or restricted the open sea ;
b unobstructed an open view .
4 not covered, guarded or protected an open wound .
5 expanded, spread out or unfolded an open newspaper .
6 said of a shop, etc: receiving customers; ready for business.
7 said of a river or port, etc:
a free from ice or frost; unfrozen;
b not closed for any other reason.
8 said of the climate or a season: free from frost.
9 sport
a said of a player: not marked by a member of the opposing team;
b said of a goal, etc: unguarded or unprotected;
c said of a game or style of play, etc: with the action or players spread out over the field of play.
10 phonetics said of a vowel: produced with the tongue positioned low in the mouth.
11 said of cloth or a texture, etc: with a lot of small openings or gaps; loose.
12 music
a said of a string: not stopped by a finger;
b said of a note: played on an open string, or without holes on the instrument being covered.
13 maths
a see open set;
b said of an interval in the real line: without either of its end points.
14 astron said of the universe: with a negative or zero radius of curvature; always expanding; infinite.
15 generally known; public.
16 (usu open to something) liable or susceptible to it; defenceless against it leave oneself open to abuse .
17 said of a competition: not restricted; allowing anyone to compete or take part, especially both amateurs and professionals.
18 free from restraint or restrictions of any kind the open fishing season .
19 said of a problem or discussion, etc: not finally decided; still to be settled.
20 unprejudiced have an open mind .
21 (usu open to something) amenable to or ready to receive (eg new ideas or impressions) open to suggestion .
22 said of a person: ready and willing to talk honestly; candid.
verb (opened , opening )
a to unfasten or move (eg a door or barrier) to allow access;
b intr said of a door or barrier, etc: to become unfastened to allow access.
2 intr (usu open into or onto something) to provide access to it.
3 tr & intr to become or make something become open or more open, eg by removing obstructions, etc.
4 (also open out or open something out) tr & intr to spread it out or become spread out or unfolded, especially so as to make or become visible.
5 tr & intr to start or begin working The office opens at nine .
6 to declare something open with an official ceremony open the new hospital .
7 tr & intr to begin or start speaking or writing, etc opened his talk with a joke .
8 to arrange (a bank account, etc), usually by making an initial deposit.
9 tr & intr , cricket to begin (the batting) for one's team.
10 intr , law said of legal counsel: to make a preliminary statement about a case before beginning to call witnesses.
11 cards to bet or bid on a hand first.
1 (the open) an area of open country; an area not obstructed by buildings, etc.
2 (the open) public notice or attention ( esp bring something into the open or out into the open).
3 (Open) (often in compounds ) a sports contest which both amateurs and professionals may enter the British Open .
openable adjective .
opener and opening see separate entries.
openly adverb
1 in an open way.
2 without trying to hide anything; in a direct and honest manner.
openness noun .
open and above board thoroughly honest or legal.
open fire to start shooting.
with open arms warmly; cordially welcomed him with open arms .
open out or up to begin to reveal one's feelings and thoughts or to behave with less restraint.
open up
1 to open the door.
2 to open a shop for the day.
3 to start firing.
4 said of a game, etc: to become more interesting as it develops.
open something up
1 to make it more accessible or available.
2 said especially of a vehicle or engine, etc: to increase its speed.
open up something to someone to reveal (one's thoughts or mind, etc) to them.

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