Lengua inglesa
1 someone trained to look after sick, injured or feeble people, especially in hospital.
2 someone, especially a woman, who looks after small children in a household, etc.
3 a worker ant, bee, etc, that tends the young in the colony.
verb (nursed , nursing )
1 to look after (sick or injured people) especially in a hospital.
2 intr to follow a career as a nurse.
3 tr & intr
a to breastfeed a baby;
b said of a baby: to feed at the breast.
4 to hold something with care gave him the bag of meringues to nurse .
5 to tend something with concern was at home nursing a cold .
6 to encourage or indulge (a feeling) in oneself nursing her jealousy .
[14c: from French norrice , from Latin nutrire to nourish or care for]
nursing adjective , noun .
put out to or put to nurse
1 to put (a baby) into the care of a nurse, usually away from home.
2 to put (an estate) into the care of trustees.

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