Lengua inglesa
1 at the present time or moment.
2 immediately.
3 in narrative: then He now turned from journalism to fiction .
4 in these circumstances; as things are I planned to go, but now I can't .
5 up to the present has now been teaching 13 years .
6 used in conversation to accompany explanations, warnings, commands, rebukes, words of comfort, etc Now, this is what happened Careful now!
noun the present time.
conjunction (also now that) because at last; because at this time Now we're all here, we'll begin .
adjective highly fashionable; up-to-the-minute Her fashion sense is so now .
[Anglo-Saxon nu ]
any day or moment or time now at any time soon.
as of now from this time onward.
for now until later; for the time being.
just now
1 a moment ago.
2 at this very moment.
now and again or now and then sometimes; occasionally.
now for used in anticipation, or in turning from one thing to another Now for some fun!
now, now!
1 used to comfort someone Now, now, don't cry!
2 (also now then!) a warning or rebuke Now, now! Less noise please!
now?, now?one moment?, and the next? now crying, now laughing .

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