Lengua inglesa
1 no thing; not anything.
2 a zero number or quantity;
b the figure 0 representing this.
3 a very little;
b something or someone of no importance or not very impressive;
c no difficulty or trouble.
4 an absence of anything.
adjective of no importance, worth, interest, etc Sunday has always seemed such a nothing day to me .
adverb not at all nothing daunted .
nothingness noun
1 the state of being nothing or of not existing.
2 emptiness.
3 worthlessness.
4 a thing of no value.
be nothing to something to be much less than it; to be trivial compared with it That's nothing to what I saw .
be nothing to do with someone or something
1 to be unconnected with them.
2 to be of no concern to them.
come to nothing to fail or peter out.
for nothing
1 free; without payment or personal effort You can have it for nothing .
2 for no good reason; in vain all that work for nothing .
3 derog because it is so obvious that you should know I'll tell you that for nothing .
have nothing on
1 to be free; to have no engagement.
2 to be naked.
have nothing on someone or something
1 colloq to have no information about them Local police had nothing on him till now .
2 colloq to be not nearly as good, beautiful, skilled, etc as them She has nothing on her sister .
have nothing to do with someone or something
1 to avoid them.
2 to be unconnected with them.
3 to be of no concern to them.
like nothing on earth colloq
1 grotesque.
2 frightful.
make nothing of someone or something not to understand them or it.
mean nothing to someone
1 to be incomprehensible to them.
2 to be of no importance to them.
nothing but?usually said of something unwelcome: only; merely nothing but trouble .
nothing doing colloq
1 an expression of refusal.
2 no hope of success.
nothing for it but to?no alternative except to? nothing for it but to own up .
nothing if not?primarily, above all, or very? nothing if not keen .
nothing like?by no means? nothing like good enough .
nothing like someone or something not at all like them or it.
nothing much very little.
nothing short of or less than something
1 downright; absolute They were nothing less than criminals .
2 only will accept nothing less than an apology .
nothing to it or in it straightforward; easy.
think nothing of something
1 to regard it as normal or straightforward.
2 to feel no hesitation, guilt or regret about it thinks nothing of leaving the dog alone all day .
think nothing of it it doesn't matter; there is no need for thanks.
to say nothing of something as well as it; not to mention it.

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