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non compos mentis
adjective , often humorous not of sound mind.
[17c: Latin, meaning -not in command of one's mind-]

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non sequitur
noun (abbreviation non seq.)
1 an illogical step in an argument.
2 logic a conclusion that does not follow from the premises.
[16c: Latin, literally -it does not follow-]

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prefix , signifying
1 not; the opposite of something specified non-essential non-existent .
2 ironic not deserving the name of something specified a non-event .
3 not belonging to the category of something specified non-fiction non-metals .
4 not having the skill or desire to be, or not participating in, something specified non-swimmers non-voting .
5 rejection, avoidance, or omission of something specified non-co-operation non-payment .
6 not liable to do something specified non-shrink non-drip .
7 not requiring a certain treatment non-iron .
[From Latin non not]

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noun , adjective abstaining from aggression non-aggression pact .

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adjective said of a country: not allied to any of the major power blocs in world politics; neutral.
non-alignment noun .

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