Lengua inglesa
noun (babies )
1 a newborn or very young child or animal.
2 an unborn child.
3 the youngest member of a group.
4 derog a childish person.
5 colloq a person's own particular project, responsibility, etc.
6 colloq, esp N Am a term of affection for a girl or woman.
verb (babies , babied , babying ) to treat someone as a baby.
[14c: probably imitating the sound a baby makes]
babyhood noun .
babyish adjective , derog childish; immature.
babyishly adverb .
be left holding the baby colloq to be left with the responsibility for something.
throw the baby out with the bathwater colloq to give up or throw away the important part of something when getting rid of an unwanted part.

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