Lengua inglesa
1 following in time or order the next on the list the next day .
2 following this one next week .
3 adjoining; neighbouring in the next compartment .
4 first, counting from now the very next person I meet .
noun someone or something that is next.
1 immediately after that or this What happened next?
2 on the next occasion when I next saw her .
3 following, in order of degree the next longest river .
[Anglo-Saxon nehst the nearest, from neah near]
next best next lowest in degree after the best At rush-hour, walking is the next best thing to cycling .
next biggest next lowest (or highest, depending on context) in degree after the previous one mentioned.
next to something or someone
1 beside it or them.
2 after it or them, in order of degree Next to swimming I like dancing .
3 almost wearing next to no clothes next to nothing .

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