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auxiliary verb
1 used to express necessity I must earn some extra money Must you leave so soon?
2 used to express duty or obligation You must help him .
3 used to express certainty You must be Charles .
4 used to express determination I must remember to go to the bank .
5 used to express probability She must be there by now .
6 used to express inevitability We must all die some time .
7 used to express an invitation or suggestion You must come and see us soon You must read her other books . Also used with the main verb merely implied I must away . See also mustn't.
noun (always a must) a necessity; something essential Fitness is a must in professional sport .
[Anglo-Saxon moste , originally as past tense of mot may1]
must needs see needs must under need.

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noun the juice of grapes or other fruit before it is completely fermented to become wine.
[Anglo-Saxon: from Latin mustum vinum new wine]

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noun mustiness; mould.

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must4 see musth

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