Lengua inglesa
1 not as great in importance or size; fairly or relatively small or insignificant only a minor problem .
2 music
a said of a scale: having a semitone between the second and third, fifth and sixth, and seventh and eighth notes;
b said of a key, chord, etc: based on such a scale.
3 Brit, esp formerly used after the surname of the younger of two brothers attending the same school: junior Simcox minor .
4 said of a person: below the age of legal majority or adulthood. In all senses compare major.
1 someone who is below the age of legal majority.
2 music a minor key, chord or scale.
3 esp US
a a student's minor or subsidiary subject of study;
b a student studying such a subject He's a history minor .
verb (minored , minoring ) esp US (always minor in something) to study a specified minor or subsidiary subject at college or university. Compare major.
[13c: Latin meaning -less-]

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