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adjective (louder , loudest )
1 making a relatively great sound; noisy.
2 capable of making a relatively great sound a loud horn .
3 emphatic and insistent loud complaints .
4 said disparagingly of colours, clothes, designs, etc: tastelessly bright, garish or gaudy.
5 said of someone or their behaviour: aggressively noisy and coarse.
adverb in a loud manner.
[Anglo-Saxon hlud ]
loudish adjective .
loudly adverb .
loudness noun .
loud and clear usually said of the quality of transmitted messages: easily heard and understood.
out loud said of something someone says: able to be heard by others expressed her contempt out loud .

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noun a portable device for amplifying the voice.

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noun , colloq someone who is very noisy and aggressively boastful.
loudmouthed adjective .

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loudspeaker (often just speaker)
noun , electronics an electronic device that converts electrical signals into audible sound waves, used in radio, television, telephone receivers, hi-fi systems, etc.

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