Lengua inglesa
adjective (littler , littlest ) (often having connotations of affection or another emotion and used instead of the more formal small )
1 small in size, extent or amount.
2 young; younger a little girl her little brother .
3 small in importance a little mishap .
4 trivial a little misunderstanding .
5 petty a little disagreement .
6 used as a way of detracting from a potentially disparaging implication: not troublesome funny little ways .
7 small-minded or mean He's a little liar .
adverb (comparative less , superlative least ) not much or at all They little understood the implications .
pronoun not much little to be gained from that course of action .
[Anglo-Saxon lytel ]
a little (with a noun such as bit , while , way understood but not expressed)
1 a small amount do a little to help out .
2 a short time He'll be here in a little .
3 a short distance down the road a little .
4 a small degree or extent run around a little to keep warm .
little by little gradually; by degrees.
make little of something
1 to treat it as unimportant or trivial.
2 to understand only a little of it.
no little considerable accomplished with no little inconvenience .
not a little very He was not a little upset .
think little of something or someone to have a low opinion of it or them; to disapprove of it or them.

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