Lengua inglesa
1 one of the limbs on which animals, birds and people walk and stand.
2 an animal's or bird's leg used as food.
3 the part of a piece of clothing that covers a person's leg.
4 a long narrow support of a table, chair, etc.
5 one stage in a journey.
6 a section of a competition or lap of a race.
7 cricket (also leg side) the side of the field that is to the left of a right-handed batsman or to the right of a left-handed batsman.
8 a branch or limb of a forked or jointed object the sharp leg of the compasses .
verb (legged , legging ) to propel (a barge) through a canal tunnel by pushing with the feet on the walls or roof.
[13c: from Norse leggr ]
legged adjective , in compounds having a specified number or type of legs a three-legged cat a bow-legged man .
get one's leg over slang to have sexual intercourse.
give someone a leg up colloq to help them climb up or over something.
have legs colloq said of a show, news story, etc: to generate sufficient popularity or public interest to ensure a long run.
leg it colloq to walk briskly; to run or dash away.
not have a leg to stand on or be without a leg to stand on colloq to have no way of excusing one's behaviour or supporting one's arguments with facts.
pull someone's leg colloq to try to make them believe something which is not true, especially as a joke.

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