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verb (invented , inventing )
1 to be the first person to make or use (a machine, game, method, etc).
2 to think or make up (an excuse, false story, etc).
[16c: from Latin invenire , inventum to find]
inventor noun someone who invents, especially as an occupation.

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1 something invented, especially a device, machine, etc.
2 the act of inventing.
3 the ability to create and invent things; inventiveness.
4 colloq a lie.
5 music a short piece of keyboard music based on a single, simple idea.

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1 skilled at inventing; creative; resourceful.
2 characterized by invention.
inventively adverb .
inventiveness noun .

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noun (inventories )
1 a formal and complete list of the articles, goods, etc found in a particular place, eg of goods for sale in a shop, or of furniture and possessions in a house.
2 the items included in such a list.
verb (inventories , inventoried , inventorying ) to make an inventory of items; to list in an inventory.
[16c: from Latin inventorium a list of things that have been found, from invenire to find]

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