Lengua inglesa
verb (intercepted , intercepting )
a to stop or catch (eg a person, missile, aircraft, etc) on their or its way from one place to another;
b to prevent (a missile, etc) from arriving at its destination, often by destroying it.
2 maths to mark or cut off (a line, plane, curve, etc) with another line, plane, etc that crosses it.
noun maths
1 the part of a line or plane that is cut off by another line or plane crossing it, especially the distance from the origin to the point where a straight line or a curve crosses one of the axes of a coordinate system.
2 the point at which two figures intersect, that part of a line that is intercepted.
[16c: from Latin intercipere , interceptum ]
interception noun .
interceptive adjective .

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noun someone or something that intercepts, especially a small light aircraft used to intercept approaching enemy aircraft.

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