Lengua inglesa
1 the inner side, surface or part of something.
2 the side of a road nearest to the buildings, pavement, etc tried to overtake on the inside .
3 the part of a pavement or path away from the road Children should walk on the inside .
4 sport
a athletics the inside track;
b the equivalent part of any racetrack.
5 (insides) colloq the inner organs, especially the stomach and bowels.
6 colloq a position which gains one the confidence of and otherwise secret information from people in authority Those on the inside knew that he planned to resign .
a being on, near, towards or from the inside the inside walls of the house ;
b indoor without an inside toilet .
2 colloq coming from, concerned with, provided by or planned by a person or people within a specific organization or circle The robbery was an inside job inside knowledge .
1 to, in or on the inside or interior He smashed the window and climbed inside .
2 indoors Come inside for tea .
3 colloq in or into prison spent three years inside .
1 to or on the interior or inner side of something; within.
2 in less than (a specified time) be back inside an hour .

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