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verb (indicated , indicating )
1 to point out or show An arrow indicates the way .
2 to be a sign or symptom of something Such behaviour often indicates trouble at home .
3 said of a gauge, dial, etc: to show something as a reading.
4 to state something briefly He indicated his consent .
5 med , etc (especially in the passive) to point to something as a suitable treatment or desirable or required course A course of steroids was indicated for her condition .
6 intr to use the indicator (sense 2) or indicators when driving a motor vehicle Indicate before pulling out .
[17c: from Latin indicare , indicatum to proclaim or make known]

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1 something which serves to indicate; a sign or symptom.
2 something which is indicated.
3 a reading on a gauge, dial, etc.
4 an act of indicating.

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1 (also indicatory ) (usu indicative of something) serving as a sign or indication of it Irritability is often indicative of stress .
2 grammar (abbreviation indic.)
a said of the mood2 of a verb: used to state facts, describe events or ask questions;
b said of a verb, tense, etc: in this mood.
noun , grammar
1 a mood2 used to state facts, describe events or ask questions.
2 a verb form of this kind.
indicatively adverb .

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a an instrument or gauge that shows the level of temperature, fuel, pressure, etc;
b a needle or pointer on such a device.
2 any of the flashing lights on a motor vehicle which show that the vehicle is about to change direction. Sometimes called blinker.
3 any sign, condition, situation, etc which shows or indicates something The result is a good indicator of current opinion an economic indicator .
4 a board or diagram giving information, eg in a railway station.
5 chem a substance (eg litmus) that changes colour depending on the pH of a solution, and that indicates when a chemical reaction is complete.
6 biol (also indicator species) a plant or animal species whose presence or absence indicates the levels of a particular environmental factor in an area.

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