Lengua inglesa
1 an idea or effect produced in the mind or made on the senses It is vital to create a good impression .
2 a vague or uncertain idea, notion or belief I got the impression he was lying .
3 an act or the process of impressing (see impress1).
4 a mark or stamp produced by, or as if by, impressing or pressure.
5 an imitation, especially a caricature, of a person, or an imitation of a sound, done for entertainment He does impressions of pop stars .
6 the number of copies of a book, newspaper, etc printed at one time.
7 printing
a the pressing of a prepared inked plate or type onto the paper, etc being printed;
b a copy made in this way.
be under the impression that?to think, feel or believe (especially wrongly) that? I was under the impression that you were paying for this meal .

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