Lengua inglesa
1 not in use; not being used; unoccupied.
2 having no work to do; unemployed.
3 not wanting to work; lazy; indolent.
4 having no purpose or value idle chatter .
5 without cause, basis or good reason; unnecessary an idle rumour .
6 having no effect or result; not taken seriously an idle threat .
verb (idled , idling )
1 (usu idle away time, etc ) to spend time doing nothing or being idle.
2 intr to do nothing or be idle.
3 intr said of an engine, machinery, etc: to run gently while out of gear or without doing any work.
4 to make (an engine, etc) idle.
[Anglo-Saxon idel , meaning -empty- or -worthless-]
idleness noun .
idler noun .
idly adverb .

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