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noun (arches )
1 a curved structure forming an opening, and consisting of wedge-shaped stones or other pieces supporting each other by mutual pressure, used to sustain an overlying weight such as a roof or bridge, or for ornament.
2 anything shaped like an arch, especially a monument.
3 the bony structure of the foot between the heel and the toes, normally having an upward curve.
4 one of the four possible configurations of human fingerprints.
verb (arches , arched , arching )
1 intr to form an arch.
2 to span something like an arch.
[14c: from Latin arcus bow]

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1 (usu in compounds ) chief, principal their arch enemy, the Penguin .
2 most experienced that arch crime writer, Jim Thompson .
3 cunning, knowing gave an arch look .
4 self-consciously playful or coy.
[17c: from arch- as in such combinations as -arch-villain-]
archly see separate entry.
archness noun .

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