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verb (happened , happening ) intr
1 to take place or occur.
2 (happen to someone) said of some unforeseen event, especially an unwelcome one: to be done to them, or be experienced by them.
3 to have the good or bad luck (to do something) I happened to meet him on the way .
adverb , N Eng dialect perhaps.
[14c: from Norse happ good luck]
happen on or upon something to discover or encounter it, especially by chance.

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1 an event.
2 a performance, especially one which takes place in the street, which has not been fully planned, and in which the audience is invited to take part.
adjective fashionable and up to the minute.
[1970s as adjective; 1950s in sense 2; 16c]

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noun something that happens by chance; coincidence.
[19c: happen + circumstance ]

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