Lengua inglesa
1 any weapon which fires bullets or shells from a metal tube.
2 any instrument which forces something out under pressure spray gun .
3 colloq a gunman a hired gun .
4 a member of a party of hunters.
5 the signal to start a race, etc.
verb (gunned , gunning ) colloq to rev up (a car engine) noisily.
[14c in the form gonne : probably from the Scandinavian female name Gunnhildr , both parts of which mean -war-, from the medieval habit of giving large engines of war female names]
be gunning for someone to be searching determinedly for them, usually with hostile intent.
be gunning for something to try to obtain it were gunning for a pay rise .
go great guns colloq to function or be performed with great speed or success.
jump the gun see under jump.
stick to one's guns see under stick2.
gun someone or something down to shoot them or it with a gun.

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