Lengua inglesa
grey or (esp N Am) gray
1 of a colour between black and white, the colour of ash and slate.
2 said of the weather: dull and cloudy.
a said of someone's hair: turning white;
b said of a person: having grey hair.
4 derog anonymous or uninteresting; having no distinguishing features a grey character .
5 literary aged, mature or experienced.
6 colloq referring or relating to elderly or retired people the grey vote .
noun (greys )
1 a colour between black and white.
2 grey material or clothes dressed in grey .
3 dull light.
4 an animal, especially a horse, that is grey or whitish in colour.
verb (greyed , greying ) tr & intr to make or become grey.
[Anglo-Saxon grei ]
greyish adjective .
greyly adverb .
greyness noun .

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