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verb (appeared , appearing ) intr
1 to become visible or come into sight.
2 to develop Flaws in his design soon appeared .
3 to seem.
4 to present oneself formally or in public, eg on stage.
5 to be present in a law court as either accused or counsel.
6 to be published.
[14c: from Latin apparere to come forth]

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1 an act or instance of appearing his appearance on TV .
2 the outward or superficial look of someone or something He never bothered much with his appearance .
3 illusion; pretence the appearance of being a reasonable person .
4 (appearances) the outward show or signs by which someone or something is judged or assessed appearances can be deceptive .
keep up appearances to put on an outward public show that things are normal, stable, etc when they are not.
put in or make an appearance to attend a meeting, party, etc only briefly, especially out of politeness, duty, etc.
to all appearances so far as it can be seen.

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appearance money
noun a fee paid to a celebrity to secure their presence at an event.

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