Lengua inglesa
1 leaving; a departure comings and goings of the lodgers .
2 horse-racing the condition of the track.
3 progress made good going .
4 colloq general situation or conditions when the going gets tough .
5 in compounds the act or practice of making visits, especially regular ones, to specified places theatre-going .
verb , present participle of go1
1 about or intending (to do something).
2 in compounds in the habit of visiting specified places the cinema-going public .
1 flourishing, successful a going concern .
2 usual or accepted the going rate .
3 in existence; currently available These are the cheapest ones going .
be tough or hard going to be difficult to do.
going on or going on for something approaching (a certain age or period of time) going on for sixteen .
going strong flourishing; fully operational.

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