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noun any small ingenious device or appliance.
gadgetry noun
1 gadgets.
2 the use or application of gadgets in a particular instance.

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noun , zool any fish (including cod and hake) that belongs to the family Gadidae of marine fishes, with small scales, and pectoral and pelvic fins situated close together.
adjective said of a fish: belonging to this order.
[19c: ultimately from Greek gados cod]

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noun , chem (symbol Gd, atomic number 64) a soft silvery-white metallic element, belonging to the lanthanide series.
[19c: named after Johan Gadolin (1760?1852), Finnish mineralogist]

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gadroon or godroon
noun an embossed, cable-like decoration used as an edging on silverware, etc.
[18c: from French godron ]
gadrooned adjective .
gadrooning noun .

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noun a freshwater duck related to the mallard, native to northern waters.

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