Lengua inglesa
preposition , indicating
1 a starting point in place or time from London to Glasgow crippled from birth .
2 a lower limit tickets from £12 upwards .
3 repeated progression trail from shop to shop .
4 movement out of took a letter from the drawer .
5 distance away 16 miles from Dover .
6 a viewpoint can see the house from here .
7 separation; removal took it away from her .
8 point of attachment hanging from a nail .
9 exclusion omitted from the sample .
10 source or origin made from an old curtain .
11 change of condition translate from French into English From being an intimate lover, he turned very hostile .
12 cause ill from overwork .
13 deduction as a result of observation see from her face she's angry .
14 distinction can't tell one twin from the other .
15 prevention, protection, exemption, immunity, release, escape, etc safe from harm excused from attending exempted from tax released from prison .
[Anglo-Saxon fram ]

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