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1 folio.
2 following.

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adjective relating to folic acid.
1 a salt of folic acid.
2 folic acid.

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verb (folded , folding )
1 (also fold something over, back, up, etc ) to double it over so that one part lies on top of another.
2 intr (also fold away) to be able to be folded, or closed up so that it takes up less space, usually making it flat The chair folds away for storage .
3 said of an insect, etc: to bring in (wings) close to its body.
4 (often fold something up) to arrange (clothes, etc) tidily for storage by laying them flat and doubling each piece of clothing over on itself folded the jumpers up and put them in the drawer .
5 intr said of flower petals: to close.
6 to clasp someone in one's arms, etc.
7 (also fold up) colloq said of a business, etc: to collapse; to fail The shop folded after one year .
8 (usu fold something in) cookery to add and stir an ingredient gently into a mixture with an action like folding.
1 a doubling of one layer over another.
2 a rounded or sharp bend made by this, particularly the inside part of it; a crease.
3 a hollow in the landscape.
4 geol a buckling, bending or contortion of stratified rocks as a result of movements of the Earth's crust.
[Anglo-Saxon faldan to fold]
foldable adjective .
foldaway adjective referring to something that can be folded and put away.
fold one's arms to cross over and intertwine (one's arms) across one's chest.

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1 a walled or fenced enclosure or pen for sheep or cattle.
2 a united group or community, especially a body of believers within the protection of a church They were invited into the fold .
[Anglo-Saxon falod ]

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noun a cardboard or plastic cover in which to keep loose papers.
[Early 20c in this sense]

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