Lengua inglesa
verb (floated , floating )
1 tr & intr to rest or move, or make something rest or move, on the surface of a liquid.
2 intr to drift about or hover in the air.
3 intr to move about in an aimless or disorganized way The manager was floating about the shop floor .
4 to start up or launch (a company, scheme, etc).
5 to offer (stocks) for sale 51 per cent of the shares were floated on the stock market .
6 finance to allow (a currency) to vary in value in relation to other currencies The rouble was floated on the international money market .
1 something that floats or is designed to keep something afloat.
2 angling a floating device fixed to a fishing line, intended to move when a fish bites.
3 a low-powered delivery vehicle milk float .
4 a vehicle decorated as an exhibit in a street parade.
5 an amount of money set aside each day for giving change, etc in a shop at the start of business We always keep a float of £20 .
6 a blade in a paddle-wheel or water-wheel.
7 a plasterer's trowel.
[Anglo-Saxon flotian ; compare fleet2]
floatable adjective .

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