Lengua inglesa
verb (fought , fighting )
1 tr & intr to attack or engage (an enemy, army, etc) in combat.
2 to take part in or conduct (a battle, campaign, etc).
3 tr & intr (sometimes fight against something or someone) to oppose them (eg an enemy, a person, an illness, a cause, etc) vigorously.
4 intr to quarrel; to disagree, sometimes coming to blows They fought all evening .
5 intr (often fight for something or someone) to struggle or campaign on its or their behalf; to struggle or campaign in an attempt to achieve or maintain it fight for the right to remain silent .
6 tr & intr to make (one's way) with a struggle.
1 a battle; a physically violent struggle.
2 a quarrel; a dispute; a contest.
3 resistance.
4 the will or strength to resist lost all his fight .
5 a boxing match.
6 a campaign or crusade the fight for freedom .
[Anglo-Saxon feohtan ]
fight a losing battle to continue trying to do something when there is little chance of succeeding.
fight it out to fight over something until one side wins.
fight shy of something to avoid it.
fight to the finish to fight until one party is dead or utterly defeated.
fight back to resist an attacker; to counter an attack.
fight something back to try not to show one's emotions, etc.
fight someone off to repulse them (especially an attacker).
fight something off to get rid of or resist (an illness).

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