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verb (felt , feeling )
1 to become aware of something through the sense of touch.
2 tr & intr to have a physical or emotional sensation of something; to sense.
3 tr & intr to search, find out or investigate with the hands, etc.
4 tr & intr to have (an emotion).
5 tr & intr to react emotionally to something or be emotionally affected by something feels the loss very deeply .
6 intr (feel for someone) to have sympathy or compassion for them.
7 intr to give the impression of being (soft, hard, rough, etc) when touched.
8 intr to be or seem (well, ill, happy, etc).
9 to instinctively believe in something She feels that this is a good idea .
10 tr & intr (also feel like something) to seem to oneself to be feel a fool feel like an idiot .
1 a sensation or impression produced by touching.
2 an impression or atmosphere created by something.
3 an act of feeling with the fingers, etc.
4 an instinct, touch or knack.
[Anglo-Saxon felan ]
feel like something to have an inclination or desire for it feel like a walk I feel like going to the cinema tonight .
feel oneself to feel as well as normal felt herself again after a good sleep .
feel one's feet to get used to a new situation, job etc.
feel one's way to make one's way cautiously.
feel up to something usu with negatives or in questions to feel fit enough for it I don't feel up to a late night out .
get the feel of something to become familiar with it or used to it.
have a feel for something to have a natural ability for or understanding of (an activity, etc).
feel someone up slang to move one's hands over their sexual organs.

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adjective , colloq associated with feelings of discontentment and unease feel-bad factor .

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1 a tentacle.
2 either of a pair of long slender jointed structures, sensitive to touch, on the head of certain invertebrate animals, especially insects or crustaceans. Also called antenna.
put out feelers to sound out the opinion of others.

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adjective , colloq reinforcing or associated with pleasant feelings of comfort, security, etc the feelgood factor the ultimate feelgood film .

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1 the sense of touch.
2 emotion as distinct from reason.
3 strong emotion speak with feeling .
4 a belief or opinion.
5 (usu a feeling for something) a natural ability for, or understanding of, an activity, etc.
6 affection.
7 mutual interactive emotion between two people, such as bad feeling (resentment), good feeling (friendliness), ill feeling (hostility), etc.
8 (often feeling for something) an instinctive grasp or appreciation of it.
9 (feelings) one's attitude to something have strong feelings have mixed feelings .
10 (feelings) one's sensibilities; delicately balanced emotional attitude hurt someone's feelings .
adjective sensitive; sympathetic.
[Anglo-Saxon felan to feel]
feelingless adjective .
feelingly adverb with sincerity; in a heartfelt way.
feelings are running high there is a general feeling of anger, strong emotion, etc.
no hard feelings no offence taken.

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